CV of Lawyer Guido Flick

curriculum vitae of Mr. Guido Flick:

Mr. Guido Flick was born in Hamburg in 1967 and has been living in Stuttgart, Passau/Bavaria and in Dover/Kent (Great Britain).

He has studied law in Passau and in Hamburg. During his university time he already was interested very much in media-laws such as press-laws, intellectual property laws, telecommunication-rights and broadcasting-rights.

After the first exam he moved to Schwerin in the former easter part of Germany to do his compulsory internship of two years in Schwerin.

Before setting up his law-firm he has worked at AOL-Germany´s legal department and later was in charge of legal matters for AOL Germany.

The main occupation of Mr. Flick is on economic laws and subjects as multimedia-laws, industrial property-rights and unfair-trade-laws. His special interestput is put on dataprotection and IT-law. Mr Flick is member of the Chamber-Board that is in charge of the permision to call oneself an „IT-Law-Specialist“ (additional professional title). He is IT-laws specialist himself, a non academic title that requires the prof of aditional practical and theoretical expertise.

At university Mr Flick also experienced stage-life, when he was the drummer of a Irish-Folk-Rock-band. He played at several concerts and a CD-Recording with this band. Therefore he should be able to consider this experience in his legal advice of copyrights.

Mr. Flick also is in charge of designing and programming this web-page of the law-firm of Kanzlei Flick. He can be seen on TV in the Computer-Show di@lneues on 3sat-TV-station and on radio shows as an expert for legal questions related to the multimedia-business.

Mr Flick is member of the DGRi (German Association of Information-Studies‘ Laws), the „German Asociation for industrial property, fair-trade and copyright-laws“ (GRUR) and the „data protection society of Hamburg“ (HDG).