Welcome to our Chambers

The law firm of Kanzlei Flick offers legal services especially for entrepreneurs, authors and artists of the IT and multimedia branch in all matters of legal questions since 1998.

The chamber of Kanzlei Flick sees itself as a modern legal-service, in which the thorough advise of the clients is prior to all. Of course we also offer the „classic“ lawyer’s job such as going to court or execution.

Our subjects of main occupation indicate a service-profile, that is very much specialized in the multimedia-business and always focuses on economic solutions. The locations of the chambers next to the Multimedia-Center HH1 stresses this specialization out.

Our occupation of course affords a modern equipment, that is provided by legal online and offline-databases e.g., so that we can deal with client-issues early and effectively.

Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail, if you have any questions about our chambers, the CV of Mr. Guido Flick and our work.